eLearning, Online Courses

Consumable engaging bites of information

There is so much content, courses, networks and more out there but how do we find the time to consume it inbetween work, gym and family. The key is consumable chunks, we want quick easy to take in bites of information. We want it presented to us in an engaging format, we need it to be accessible in different formats so that we can access it at any time, any place and on any device. For instance, if we are accessing a video on the train we may prefer subtitles so that we can still watch and engage with it. We want content that is easy to sort through and pick and choose what we need but with some structure but without it being so overwhelming.

Technology is always changing, and so does the way that we consume information, it gives us new ways to engage learners, present information in a more visual way, and often ways that weren’t possible before. We also need to consider how often what we create needs to be repackaged and re-made in a newer format and question ourselves to make sure we are making sure that the end user is able to get the best possible experience.

The content needs to be so good that you return! It’s quite easy, and I have done it myself, where I have signed up for an online course started it but not completed it. We need an incentive to make us go back, why is this course benefitical to me and how is it more better than other courses out there? This often helps with a solid network of learners, by being able to share content, views and methods on doing something. 

– Just some thoughts that are always popping in my head when designing e-learning material.


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