Doing cardio you enjoy [zumba] pushes you to the max 

If someone said to me to an hour of fast paced cardio that works out the entire body every week, it is do-able but I wouldn’t enjoy just doing a normal cardio routine every week, and would I really push myself?

Doing something you enjoy still means you have to put in the hard work but you can have fun whilst doing it and push yourself further. I love zumba, and I love my weekly Zumba class, it’s not like others I have have been to, you know you are in for a tough workout but it’s fun! Because of the music and class element I push myself much harder than I would do if I was just hitting the machines myself.

What I also love is that although I’ve been going for a while now I find each class to be just as challenging with new routines, a mixture of paces, it means that each week I am pushing myself further than the last. It also contains so many different exercises within it so you end up working out your entire body. 

Having the music, rhythms and routines, instructor Rose and people around helps you focus more on what you are doing and I don’t feel so much of the tiredness or aching (until after!) because it is enjoyable.

After facing the challenges of the day and life I love working out because I zone out and I’m just focused on working out. This is also the case with zumba, I find it quite stress relieving! 

Can’t wait till next week for another crazy cardio workout next Wednesday at The Gym Birmingham 💃🏽


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