Motivating yourself to keep moving

It’s really easy to wake up one day whilst feeling quite tired and say ‘I’ll go to the gym tommorow’ it’s harder to wake up and think ‘I feel knackered but I’m going to do this’. However the extra buzz and energy you get from going as well as the accomplishment that you actually went and did more than you predicted makes it worth it.

It’s harder to get back into a fitness regime when you return after months, I have done this twice in the last four years and it’s taken me ages to get back too it because putting it off that I regretted not going back sooner. 

It’s hard to keep focused, you need a routine, to make sure you go to the gym or do something equally active. The fitbit helps me stay quite motivated, although myself I cannot see the results straight away, hitting those targets gives me a sense of accomplishment. It also allows me to see where I have lacked. Where I haven’t taken much steps or been active within an hour.

It helps to have someone else to train with and motivate you. I think that is priceless. I felt really tired and exhausted on Saturday, however I had already made plans to go to the gym and even though we felt tired we actually managed to up our weights and do more reps! I could never see me doing 125kg on the leg press before. Working out without you Andy is priceless ❤

It also helps choosing where you work out. The people, the machines, the distance you have to travel, the classes they do – I love Zumba! It’s still a pull as to where I work out. The energy and buzz that you get from it. I also find it quite good to work off a stressful day, and just love dancing.

All of those days that you push through add up at the end. Keeping it consistent means that you will see results.


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