A magical visit to the RSC to see Snow in Midsummer at the Swan Theatre ❤

Each visit to the RSC is magical. It is so unique in the location, the building, the staff and the mix of people from all ages and backgrounds.

RSC Restaurant

It was the first time to eat at the rooftop restaurant at the RSC. It’s always a magical place, and with it being where me and Andy went on our first date it is even magical.The service from the staff is just so lovely, welcoming, kind. I wasn’t sure on what to expect from the food, it was scrumptious from start to finish. Will definitely be eating there again and can’t wait to try the desserts, they looked mouth watering.

Snow in Midsummer

Not having read much about Snow in Midsummer before (apart from the blurb on the RSC website) I didn’t really know what to expect.

The Set

It was unlike anything I have seen before, very unique. The set itself was extraordinarily, walking in to the different sounds and the set listening and watching the stream of water in front of us. When the play began and revealed the main set behind the scene we were transported to a Chinese city, the set just felt so real that it really added to the atmosphere and the play. It was easy to see when a scene changed because of the different changes on the set. To make such difference to the set when entering different scenes which is essentially the same space in one place it shows how much the different elements of the play has been thought out. Having front row seats really made it immersive.

The Acting

The acting was awesome, each individual character added to the element of the play, everything interlocked so well! I was really shocked by such a young actress to have such courage to be able to perform to the number of people in the swan theatre which is very compact and to remember all of her lines while acting faultlessly. The actors/actresses were quite interactive with the audience so you got pulled into their characters. Katie Leung really portrayed her character well. I recognised some of the actors and each and ever one of them added to the play and made it so enjoyable. I would definitely love to see each of them perform again. ❤

The music
It’s often easy to forget that the music being as good as it is, that it is all live and faultless. Upon entering the Swan Theatre right until the end the music was 👌 it made such an impact on the play. It makes it more immersive.

The lighting

The lighting added to the play so much, it gave each of the different locations/scenes a different feel. I found some of the lighting added to the creepiness when Doy Yi was on stage.

Costume design

The costumes definitely gave you a feel for the characters, it also gave you a feel for the location and setting.

There were so many bits of the play that were unforgettable. The mixture of acting, music, lighting and costumes all intertwined to create an emotional haunting gripping play. I loved the twists at the end! I didn’t see them coming at all! 🙂

Can’t wait for the next visit to the RSC for the next adventure.


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