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Adobe Generation: Game Design Week 2

Managed to do week 2, again I wish I had more time to play with it, but as I’m catching up, I guess I can do my exploring/ touches in the last week. Updated with the steps/code for this week. In terms of good controls for a game, a think it depends on a number of different factors. Such as the type of game, what device the user will be playing it on, the user themselves, and the functionality that the game designer wants to incorporate. I think that as an end user they should have the choice of how they want to interact with the game, obviously on some devices this will not be the case. I would say that touch and a keyboard/mouse gives more control but it really depends on how the game has been made & the user. With advances in technology & code I’d say that this is becoming more easily done behind the scenes.

Was really nice to see cupid moving around 🙂 and the scoring working.


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