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Adobe Generation Course: Game Design (Week 1)

Today I started the first week’s content of the Adobe Generation course ‘Game Design’, started the course late so a lot of catching up to do, to make it to the last week before the course finishes. My first impressions of the VLE were that it was very easy to follow and condensed, I liked that it had the ability to communicate with other group members as well as the course leaders. The introduction video and guides to using flash were very intuitive, I do like video rather than reading. What I also liked was that we were provided with the beginning flash file which we then will build upon in the following lessons, which helped with getting used to the Flash environment. I love adobe programs as the structure is similar throughout their programs so it’s very quick to pick up. The instructions to build on that file were also not very daunting as they were easy to follow. Before beginning to create anything, I was able to watch a replay of the first live session that took place, this really helped me, as I had missed it and helps to clarify information as well as teaching me a whole new lot of information. I then followed the instructions and got hands on with Flash, creating the first part, I will now go on to creating my own designs of the ship, meteors and power-ups for the week’s creative challenge. This bit of the course is good because it allows you to show off your creative talents & personalise the game to you.


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