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My recent experience with Open Education…

I recently signed up for a MOOC called ‘Bring Your Own Device For Learning (BYOD4L)’ which I came across from the MELSIG (Media- Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group). The Mooc is completely open, everything is accessible publically- you do not have to sign in to view content.

The MOOC went live over a period of 5 days, the handy thing being with a MOOC is that you are able to go back and review that content later, so due to time constraints it was difficult to participate throughout the five days, but I was able to dip in and out, and know that I can go back and do activities I missed.

Through the MOOC there were different communication channels that were used: Facebook Groups, Google Community, Google Hangouts, Twitter etc. This also gave me a chance to use Twitter in a conversation with others. A community came about as part of the MOOC with people with similar interests, you were able to share content you had created, interact with others, ask questions and just really engage with the content & the different things that came about as a result of it. When going through the MOOC, by building up a portfolio, you are able to achieve badges; your portfolio would you for a peer review, so by also taking part you can get recognised for your achievements.

It was very clear that a lot of time and effort needed to be put in, which is what I think made it run smoothly, also because with a Mooc you often feel like you will be left alone so the collaboration over the five days really helped.


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