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Blogs are being used to assist the publication of research…

Kirkup (2010) looked at how blogging had been used in academic practice for higher education. The paper argued that the use of blogging had opened a new way for ‘academic textual production’ to be more accessible. By using blogs to share academic practice and research it is a quicker way to get information out to people in the same industry. The information becomes accessible to anybody, being free and open. Walker (2006) identified 3 different kinds of blogging produced by academics, ‘public intellectuals, research logs and pseudonymous blogs’. Within Kirkup’s study of how blogging had been used, two participants, were already knew that in their field a community of bloggers which existed. With communities which are already out there it is a really good way to see what others in your field are doing, and also to share practice and research. Kirkup (2010) concludes that in the future, academics will be using blogs more, as it will be understood as a product of research and scholarship, people will be dedicating more of their time to this than other means. One of the people in the study also described blogging as a quicker way to communicate information and ideas than it is to write a journal article. Conole (2010) talks about Cloudwords, which is ‘a social networking site’, where people are able to create blog posts to exchange information ideas and designs. It’s a community that has been built up. They describe how blogs are being used with other web 2.0 tools to facilitate reflection and the sharing of ideas and research.

I believe it’s important to share practice, ideas and research in order to go further and grow, not just as an individual but as a community. And the ability to share with a community that is no longer limited to location, and by being open.


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