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Activity 1C Week 13/14 H800

I found the ECAR fascinating paper absolutely fascinating especially the amount of responses over a number of institutions, the points which really stood out for me was:


Technology important for accessing course material, this is something that I was aware of, but an impact from technology is that this course material needs to be accessible on mobile devices if you compare with devices student’s own (students with a tablet or e-reader use for academic purposes, 67 and 47%).


They want a blended approach, they expect online and offline content from lecturers


Students believe that technology critical in their academic success, so would this impact if for instance a lecturer wasn’t engaging with technology could it lead to students not engaging or finding it fulfilling their needs. Should there be or is there any legislation or rules as technology is evolving rapidly as a baseline for teachers to include at least a level of technology, (also inter-linking with the link from Jo for Ollie Bray’s blog) could there be more training for staff and incentive for the. Should there be a bank of case studies on how a piece of technology could be used.


Students are always using and adapting to new technology, it shows that in an educational context they want a clear outline of how a piece of technology can be used rather than just using it because it’s available.


There is a growing need for students access to open education resources such as the Khan Academy – all students – 57%, I actually got a chance to attend 3 webinars from Apple on their ‘iTunes U‘ product, has anyone used this? I’ll post my notes on it tomorrow when I’ve sorted them out; it’s got private or open education resources and courses very interactive, and being used by the Open University too.


Something that stood out in comparison with both papers was that students wanted more training for using technologies and using different tools or devices but the Net Generation stated that students pick these up from trial and error.


Students want more of games based learning, this is something that I don’t see prevalent in my current role, has anyone experienced this? Or using it, could this be a link to apps, there are already a number of educational apps is this something then that we should be looking more at using


Comparison of my own use compared with the papers


As for the Net Generation paper I am always multitasking whether studying or at work, I feel multitasking in terms of technology can actually lead to innovation as while you doing something you could say hang on i could use this piece of technology or app do that and it all becomes intertwined.


As per the ECAR paper looking back on my undergraduate study I had the chance to use Mahara, a portfolio tool but  I feel that it could have been used better if it was intertwined with a main module, I would be able to keep a recollection of what I had learnt and done which I could look back on, and reflect so then for instance the next year I could build on it by making some goals on how I could increase my productivity, as where it was used, we never got much use from it, so it is very important to put the correct piece of technology in the right place. This is a tool that we have been using at our institution, and students are really engaging with it. And it’s really nice to see portfolio’s as one of the biggest increases from the ECAR paper.


What are the implications for how students should be taught – or ‘enabled to learn’, if you prefer?


Technology really impacts on the way we learn, what we can learn and integration into our daily lives. Technology is always changing and as lecturers and technologists we need to adapt to this change to bring learning to where the students want it. It’s also important to keep in mind accessibility to technology and making sure that for instance if your asking students to interact with an App, they have access to it as if their device doesn’t allow it, it could lead to disengagement and they won’t be able to participate or have fair learning in comparison to the other students.


I think technology should be used and available for them to use as they will retain those skills also for the future which they could use in employment, but technology should only be used where it is necessary overuse of it when it is not needed would impact on student engagement I feel.


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